Welcome to my new site! I have enhanced my site to allow for more decoy and shorebird pictures. All decoys shown on this site are my personal creations. I continuously update this webpage with new carvings being created in the US and in Germany.

You are welcome to contact me at rwbirchdecoys@gmail.com.

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June 19, 2019

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Red Throated loon

Large solid body bird, red cedar root head, held on with leather binding. American Indian paint pattern. Sold

Red Throated loon Red Throated loon Red Throated loon

American Widgeon

Crowell inspired bird, with inlayed wings. Hollow, glasseyes. Sold

American Widgeon American Widgeon

Merganser (Drake)

Long slim bird, with horse hair head. Glasseyes, hollow. Drake of the pair. (hen below) Sold

Merganser (Drake) Merganser (Drake)

Merganser (Hen)

Long slim bird with preening horsehair head. Glasseyes and very hollow.


Merganser (Hen) Merganser (Hen)

Caines Brother inspired R.B.Merganser

Made in the manner of Caines Brothers. Hollow carved, two piece construction. Glass eyes. Sold

Caines Brother inspired R.B.Merganser Caines Brother inspired R.B.Merganser

Pair Hooded Mergansers

Very light weight hollow pair, raised wings, glass eyes. Sold

Pair Hooded Mergansers

Large High head Canvasback

Wide body,very hollow,carved wings,glass eyes. Sold

Large High head Canvasback Large High head Canvasback Large High head Canvasback Large High head Canvasback


Very worn look Dudley style Blackduck. Hollow. Sold

Blackduck Blackduck

Ruddy Duck

Up turned tail Ruddy. Solid body with tack eyes. Rasped body effect . Dimensions 9-1/4" long x 5-1/2" wide. Sold

Ruddy Duck Ruddy Duck

Ruddy Sleeper

10 inch hollow body, carved from a single block of wood. Carved eyes with bottom weight and line attachment hook.


Ruddy Sleeper Ruddy Sleeper Ruddy Sleeper


Hollow, sq.pegged construction. Doved tailed neck seat. Sold


Dudley style Canvasback

Solid body, weighed, heavily aged.

Dudley style Canvasback

Large Crisfield style Pintail

Hollow carved, weighed, heavy stippled paint. Sold

Large Crisfield style Pintail

Hooded Merganser

13 1/2 inches long, solid body, tack eyes. Sold

Hooded Merganser (hen)

Greenwing Teal

11 inches long, solid body, flat bottom, glass eyes. Sold

Greenwing Teal

Red Breasted Merganser

19 1/2 inches long. Flat bottom, copper eyes, solid body. Sold

Red Breasted Merganser

Red Breasted Merganser

19 inches long, hollow body, leather eyes, oak inserted crest. Sold

Red Breasted Merganser