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Curlew in Alert Position

Fullsize curlew (Whimbrel) with inserted oak bill. Fifteen inches from tall to tip of bill.



Fullsize (Whimbrel) with inserted oak bill. Sixteen inches long.

Running Curlew Running Curlew
Running Curlew Running Curlew
Running Curlew

Three piece large curlew with dovetailed head. Carved eyes, and wings with removable oak inserted bill. Wire legs mounted on wooden base.
Phillps Sickle Bill Curlew

22 inches long 11 inches tall , oak inserted bill, carved eyes and two wire legs on carved base.
Northampton Curlew

Large fat body curlew, oak inserted bill. Two piece bird with square pegged head.
Crowell Stlye Kingfisher

9 inch long, feet carved in base, inserted fish in bill, glass eyes.

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